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Clarence Darrow Vignettes

By: Ray Kelly, Esq.

Download April 14 Clarence.docHandling Rat Testimony - Investigation Through Summation - Part II

(From the March 2014 Newsletter)  Download March 14 Clarence.doc:  Handling Rat Testomony:  Investigation Through Summation - Part 1

(From the January 2014 Newsletter) Internet Foundations - Part II

(From the December 2013 Newsletter) Internet Foundations - Part I

(From the November 2013 Newsletter)  Lifetime Lessons

(From the October 2013 Newsletter) You as the Central Persuasion Equation - Part 3

(From the September 2013 Newsletter) You as the Central Persuasion Equation - Part 2

(From the June 2013 Newsletter) You as the Central Persuasion Equation - Part I

(From the April 2013 Newsletter) Impeachment by Omission: (A Dichotomy in New York Law?

(From the March 2013 Newsletter)  HOW CAN YOU DEFEND "THOSE" PEOPLE

(From the February 2013 Newsletter) Preservation of Insufficiency Trial Order of Dismissal Motion (CPL §290.10)

(From the Nov/Dec 2012 Newsletter) Part IV  Telling the Client-Centered Story

(From the October 2012 Newsletter)  Part III  Client-Centered Representation/Storytelling

(From the September 2012 Newsletter)  Part II Storytelling Client-Centered Representation

(From the May 2012 Newsletter  Part I Storytelling Client-Centered Representation

(From the March 2012 Newsletter) Brainstorming the Criminal Defense Case: Part II

From the February 2012 Newsletter) Brainstorming the Criminal Defense Case Part 1

(From the January 2012 Newsletter) Impeachment by Omission: Tactics (A Dichotomy in New York Law?)

(From the December 2011 Newsletter) Internet Foundations  Part II

(From the November 2011 Newsletter) Internet Foundations: Part 1

(From the October 2011 Newsletter) Persuasion: Part III: The Receiver

(From the September 2011 Newsletter)  Persuasion: Part !! The Message

(From the June 2011 Newsletter)  Persuasion: Part 1

(From the May 2011 Newsletter)  Lifetime Lessons

(From the April 2011 Newsletter) Jury Deselection: Part III

(From the March 2011 Newsletter) Jury Deselection: Part II

(From the February 2011 Newsletter) Jury Desselction: Part 1

(From the January 2011 Newsletter) Snitch Testimony: Summation Part III

(From the November 2010 Newsletter)
(From the October 2010 Newsletter)
(From the Summer 2010 Newsletter) and the September 2010 Newsletter
(From the June 2010 Newsletter)
(From the May 2010 Newsletter)
(From the April 2010 Newsletter)
(From the March 2010 Newsletter)
(From the February 2010 Newsletter)
(From the January 2010 Newsletter)



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