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Capital Region Verdict Reporter

By: Ryan T. Donovan and Michael C. Conway
Harris Conway & Donovan, PLLC

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From the January 2013 Newsletter)  $1.1 MILLION SETTLEMENT IN LABOR LAW §240 CASE:
Settlement: $1,100,000.00: Caption: Haskell v. Undisclosed Defendants

Partial Settlement:  $1,550,000.00: Caption: Bartlett as Administrator of the Estate of JB v. Undisclosed Defendants

(From the November 2011 Newsletter) SLIP AND FALL CASE SETTLES FOR $850,000.00 - Leonard v. Undisclosed Defendants; $126,500.00 SETTLEMENT FOR ALBANY MVA VICTIM - Bates v. Undisclosed Defendants

From the September 2011 Newsletter) SARATOGA JURY RENDERS DEFENSE VERDICT: Undisclosed Plaintiffs v. Clifton Perk Coffee Co. AGGRAVATION OF PRE-EXISTING INJURY RESULTS IN $30,000.00 AWARD: Undisclosed Plaintiffs v. Bove 

(From the Summer 2011 Issue)  Defense verdict in Washington County: Undisclosed Plaintiffs v. Willard Mountain, Inc. and Willard Development, Inc.; Vehicle Accident Results in $210,750.00 Arbitration Award  Tami S. Crisafulli & Daniel M. Crisafulli v. Undisclosed Defendants

(From the June 2011 Newsletter)  MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT -  John D. Deihl and Nichole Deihl v. Undisclosed; DEFENSE VERDICT IN RENSSELAER COUNTY  -  Undisclosed v. Weaver, Emergency Physicians of Samaritan PLLC and Samaritan Hospital

(From the May 2011 Newsletter)  WOMAN’S NOSE PARTIALLY BITTEN OFF BY PIT-BULL  - D. Williams v. Undisclosed Defendants; VERDICT FOR SOFT TISSUE BACK INJURY - Murray v. Undisclosed

(From the April 2011 Newsletter)  SETTLEMENT  FOR AUTOMONBILE ACCIDENT IN ALBANY - Wood v. Nicholas; DEFENDANT DOCTOR FOUND NOT LIABLE FOR PLAINTIFFS INJURY - Undisclosed v.the LLion Central School District; the Board of Education of Illion Central School District and Illion memorial Post #920 American Legion.

(From the March 2011 Newsletter) DEFENDANT DOCTOR FOUND NOT LIABLE FOR PLAINTIFF'S INJURY - Undisclosed plaintiff v. Matthew Scuden, M.D. and Orthopaedic Associates of Saratoga, LLP; ARBITRATION AWARD TO WORKER INJURED AT QUARRY IN SARATOGA COUNTY - O'Brien v. Undisclosed Defentant

(From the February 2011 Newsletter)  CRITICAL DEFENSE VERDICT IN LEAD PAINT CASE - Cunningham v. Anderson; MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CASE ENDS IN A VERDICT FOR THE DEFENSE - Undisclosed v. Leo Grafstein M.D.; Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Medical Center; Randy Furnia, R.N.F.A.; Urology Associates of N.E.N.Y., P.C.; Diego Grinberg-Funes, M.D.; John Banko, M.D.; and Keith Paley, M.D.; AWARD FOR MEDICAL MALPRACTICE PLAINTIFF - Peggy Pieper and Donald Pieper v. Undisclosed Defendants

(From the February 2010 Newsletter)
(From the January 2010 Newsletter) 


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