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Lawyer Referral Program

The following is the understanding respecting referrals:

  • The registry of lawyers shall be maintained on a rotating basis.
  • The usual relationship of attorney & client shall exist & be preserved as if the client had directly consulted the lawyer.
  • The client shall call at the lawyer's office & will pay to the lawyer to whom referred a fee of $25, in advance, for a consultation of one-half hour. The lawyer's fee is to cover conference & advice only & does not include the preparation of letters or documents. That for further services, the fee will be such as may be agreed upon between the client & the lawyer & shall be consistent with the prevailing rate of charges in the community.
  • The ACBA merely performs the services of arranging for an applicant to consult a lawyer; the ACBA assumes no responsibility of any kind or nature respecting the person referred or otherwise; the ACBA makes no representation concerning any lawyer to whom the applicant is referred except that such lawyer is licensed in the profession.

The attorney will be restricted to only being listed on a total of seven categories.

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