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Business Membership Information

Summary: This document outlines a proposed bylaw revision and policy for the establishment of Business Memberships within the Albany County Bar Association. The Business Memberships would be non-voting memberships intended to give businesses (which do business with attorneys and/or their clients) an opportunity to sponsor activities of the Association and be connected with the Bar through a more significant commitment than simply as an advertiser or program sponsor. A Business Member is not a preferred vendor of the Association unless that designation has been conveyed by the Board.

Proposed Bylaw Revision: A new section is proposed to be added to Article III, Section 1 as follows: “g. A Business Membership is created to extend certain rights and privileges to businesses which provide services to attorneys or which are willing to provide support of the mission and programs of the Association. A Business Member shall pay the applicable annual dues and shall be entitled to the rights and privileges of the Association, except voting and holding office. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to vest further rights and privileges upon the Business Member and create rules and regulation as may be deemed appropriate.”

Proposed Benefits of Membership: The following is a list of proposed benefits to be offered to Business Members. It is anticipated that this list would be established by policy and, therefore, could be amended by vote of the Board of Directors without a bylaw amendment:

* Ability to identify the business as “A Business Member of the ACBA.”
* Inclusion of business name/logo on ACBA website directory of Business Members.
* Inclusion of business name in annual newsletter listing of Business Members.
* One free ¼-page ad in a single issue of the ACBA newsletter, and a 10% discount on any other newsletter
               advertising purchased (print or electronic).
*  Receipt of Newsletters, CLE materials, event notices/invitations, etc.
* Ability to participate in ACBA events at member rates.
* Ability to set up a booth at one ACBA CLE program.
* Access to ACBA’s announcement program to share company news (this cannot be used to conduct direct mail advertising
               to ACBA members).
* Ability to prepare and send one direct mail advertising piece to ACBA members (cost of material and postage borne
               by the business).

Proposed Dues for Business Members:
Annual Dues - $1,500
  (includes all benefits listed above.)

Annual Dues with ½-page Advertising Package - $4,600
(includes a ½-page display advertisement in every newsletter published during the year at no additional cost.) (reflects a further discount of $365 off of business member advertising prices.)

Annual Dues with full-page Advertising Package - $6,000
(includes a full-page advertisement in every newsletter published during the year at no additional cost.) (reflects a further discount of $585 off of business member advertising prices.)


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