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Diversity Internship Program

(From the October 2013 Newsletter)

The Albany County Bar Association Diversity Internship Program has begun its 14th year.  The program commenced in September of 2000 in an effort to broaden the opportunities for minority law students to be exposed to practice in a private law firm setting.  The Association received awards for the program from both the New York State Bar Association (2002) and American Bar Association (2003).  In the 13 years since the program’s inception, over 200 law students have received paid internship opportunities at law firms in the Capital Region.  Many of the interns subsequently obtained full-time law firm employment and now are members of the Capital Region Bar.   This semester, the Law Firms of Bond, Schoeneck & King; Carter, Conboy; Nixon Peabody; Whiteman Osterman and Wilson Elser have all welcomed students under the Diversity Internship Program.  We applaud them for their dedication to the program and their commitment to hastening the day when the private practice bar in the Capital Region reflects the full diversity of the area’s population.  The program is soliciting opportunities for law students for the Spring 2014 semester.
If your firm would like to consider providing an internship opportunity for minority law students, please contact Barbara Davis at the Albany County Bar Association or Jim Kelly at 464-1300, Ext. 312.
Program goals

To increase the representation of lawyers and students of color in law firms and corporate legal departments in the Capital District, and to provide students of color with a private practice experience. The ultimate goal is to bring these two diverse communities together, create a network, forge relationships, with the long-term view and hope that the Students will be hired as Associates, thereby foster greater diversity in the private bar in the Capital District. Through this program the Intern will be provided a meaningful work experience, appropriately supervised, with assignments equivalent to a junior associate’s actual work situation.

This Program was the winner of the New York State Bar award in 2002 and American Bar Association Award 2003.

Program Constituents

Students from under-represented ethnic groups (e.g., African-American, Asian or Pacific Islander, Puerto Rican, Mexican, other Hispanic, American Indian) attending Albany Law School or any other law school where students could fulfill the work commitment.

Law Firms and/or Corporate Legal Departments within the Capital District Region. Albany County Bar Association Administrative Committee will assist in meeting the purpose and the objectives of the Program. This may include establishing student eligibility requirements and employment standards, recording statistical data on hiring, retention, participation by students and employers, and any other criteria it deems evaluative. In addition, the Committee shall serve as a Screening Committee for those Law Firms who wish the Committee’s guidance in hiring a Student Intern.

Program’s Scope
The Program shall function during the Law School’s Spring and Fall semester. Each internship shall consist of 100 hours to be completed over a ten-week period. The Compensation/Stipend for the semester shall be $1800. The proposed schedule for each semester is as follows:


Spring Semester Dates

Fall Semester Dates

Law Firms Agree to Participate

November 10

August 1

Students submit their applications

December 15

August 5

Employers Interview Students (interview service available through Albany Law School or at the Firm’s Office)

Early January

August 16-31

Law Firms make Selections

Mid January

Early September

Dates of Internship Program

January 26 - April 6

September 19- November 25

Student Intern Responsibilities

  • Submit the following to the ACBA Screening Committee, c/o Albany Law School-Career Planning: the Student Application Form (attached hereto), resume, unofficial law school transcript, and writing sample of no more than five pages long. To be eligible, students must have earned a minimum a GPA of 2.5.
  • Complete a ten-week internship (100 hours; minimum of ten hours per week) with an assigned employer.
  • Attend the any related receptions. (note: the time involved in attending the receptions is not considered part of the Intern’s commitment to work 100 hours).
  • Complete an evaluation of the Diversity Internship Program. Employer Responsibilities
  • Submit the Employer’s Application Form to Albany County Bar Association.
  • Identify a contact person for the Program.
  • Screen and interview Student during the designated time period. If requested, Albany Law School will arrange all aspects of the interviews (either on-campus or at the firm’s office. An Employer may elect for the Administrative Committee to review student applicants consistent with the criteria listed below.
  • Designate an attorney to serve as a Mentor for the Student Intern who will work with, consult, advise, and guide the Student Intern during their tenure with the Employer in the same manner as they do with other interns and new associates.
  • Exercise diligence and sensitivity to ensure that meaningful work assignments equivalent to those assigned to other interns and young associates are delegated to the Student Intern.
  • Evaluate the Student Intern as they would with any other law intern hired by them.
  • Complete an evaluation of the Program and provide any statistical data requested by the Committee.

Administrative Committee’s Screening Process

Among other responsibilities, the Committee will serve as a hiring screen for those participating Employers who seek the Committee’s assistance. When requested, the Committee will consider the Employer’s hiring criteria and the student’s application based upon:

  1. Employer’s hiring criteria
  2. Content and quality of application materials
  3. Academic record
  4. Work experience
  5. Research, writing, analytical, communication and organizational skills
  6. Leadership experience
  7. Extracurricular activities and community service
  8. Student Intern’s interest in a particular Employer’s legal practice
  9. Maturity, integrity, professionalism, and sensitivity to ethical concerns
  10. All other indicia of the potential for success.


Acrobat PDF FileDiversity Internship Program Student Application

Acrobat PDF FileDiversity Internship Program Employer Application

For additional information contact:
Barbara Davis
Albany County Bar Association
The Stedman House
1 Lodge Street, 2nd Floor
Albany, NY 12207
Phone: (518) 445-7691
Fax: (518) 445-7511
E-mail: acba@albanycountybar.com


Jim Kelly, Esq.
Roemer Wallens & Mineaux, LLP
Phone: (518) 464-1300 ext. 312
Fax: (518) 464-1010
E-mail: jkelly @rwmattys.com


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